Why use a gumshield?

People who take part in physical contact sports often do not consider wearing a gumshield. They probably are not aware of the potential risks and possible irreversible impact on their teeth. This particularly applies to children. The potential risks to all sports-active people, irrespective of age, are: Clenched teeth when the mouth is closed

  •  Cuts and lacerations on the lips and cheeks,
  •  Fractures to the jaw,
  •  Factures to the teeth (significant risks for the upper canines),
  •  Damage to teeth as a result of interdental harmful blows.
  • Unclenched teeth
  •  The TMJ (Temporomandibular Joints), the inner ear, the dental arch and the upper jaw are susceptible to damage by hard blows, where there is no resistance.
  •  Usually, in sports where there is a lot of contact, there is also a risk of being knocked out, concussion, haemorrhages, neck injuries, and dislocated and broken jaws.

Contact sports

Examples: boxing, karate, general combat sports.

The risks are upward blows (under the chin), frontal and lateral blows, as well as kicks. It is paramount that the boxer keeps his facial bones closely joined together by the gum-shield so as to optimise the muscular shroud system of the head and neck and, in doing so, prevent cervical vertebrae traumas and cerebral KO.

Failing that, dissociated jawbones meet no resistance to blows and are exposed to different traumas (mandible fractures, contusions, dislocations and intra-articular oedema of the Temporo Mandibular Joints).

Therefore the gum-shield covers the upper dental arch and the lower arch up to 1mm from the back of the vestibule and has holes at the level of the incisors for breathing purposes. These holes must be large enough to allow an excellent ventilation and prevent the boxer from opening his mouth for oxygen.

The SOLUGuard solution : SOLUGuard CONTACT is THE solution to protect your smile and an essential element of your equipment for boxing, karate and other combat sports.

Sports without physical contact

Examples: Cycling, squash or hyperactive children.

The identified risks are being hit by objects (balls, bats …) or falling.

In this case the gum-shield covers only the upper dental arch, the occlusal surface is partially flat.

The SOLUGuard solution : SOLUGuard PROTECT is THE solution to protect your smile during sports with no physical contact.

Children are at risk

Trauma to temporary teeth can cause damage to the buds of permanent teeth, due to the anatomical proximity of the apices of the temporary teeth to the tooth buds. For wearers of fixed orthodontic devices, intraoral mucosal tissues can be damaged by bands, wires and attachments when subjected to harmful blows. Bent wires, and bands and attachments that have become loose or fallen off all require urgent consultation. According to the theory of doctor WISSLER, in sports with high levels of physical contact, the wearing of a gumshield is recommended from the age of 12, when the dental arch is fully formed, from the first incisor to the first molar. The adjustment or replacement of the gumshield will be carried out by the technician. For children who have had orthodontic treatment, protection is compulsory with regular follow-up care. From the age of 15, contact in most sports is the same as for adults. Protection in this case must also be systematic. The reasons most often given for not wearing or abandoning the wearing of mouth protection are:

  •  Discomfort (problems breathing and speaking)
  •  Unaware of the risks
  •  Lack of information.

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