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Date : 13/03/2011 16:15:27


I am not shouting victory, but the last few nights have not been so restless. After some adjustments the first 2 nights, (I have to say it feels strange sleeping with this “plastic thing”, I’ve never dribbled so much) all is going well. There is less ringing in my ears now and the 5 hours’ rest instead of the 3.5/4 hours are really refreshing.

I had an appointment with the doctor this morning and I had nothing to report.
Only that I was sleeping better, and that I would discuss it with him next month if this continues.

Thank you very much for this experience which is truly wonderful, and the small inconveniences at the beginning were soon forgotten. Good luck with this product and I hope many people will be able to benefit from this product. Congratulations and thanks again

Régine S.

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