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From: xxxxx
Subject: thank you solubrux
Date: 05/01/2011 13:59:57


I am writing to let you know how happy I am with your device for treating teeth grinding.

During a recent check-up, my dentist was surprised to find that my teeth were wearing down much less compared with my previous visit. – At my previous visit, he had alerted me to the fact that my teeth were being worn down.

Since wearing this device, tooth wear has stopped. I also now no longer wake up at night with a dry mouth and needing a drink, as I am able to produce saliva with this device.

I only have praise for this device and that is why I wanted to send you this short message.

Huge thanks for this innovative device that has improved the health of my teeth.

A very happy customer – Yvette

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From: xxxxx
Subject: feedback about solubrux
Date: 15/09/2010 19:08:57

After about ten days using the dental bite, I am now able to give some feedback.

From the very first night, I was able to wear the dental bite without any problems.

My husband, Jean-Luc, noticed the results: no more tooth grinding and an added bonus – much quieter snoring…

For me, the pleasant feelings are above all in the morning, as my jaw and cheeks don’t feel tight…. they actually feel relaxed.

This was certainly not the case before.

As a result, I have the impression that throuhout the day I am also clenching my teeth much less than before!

I sleep much better and I am a lot less tired during the day.

It’s all good really!

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